Please note the following important guidelines

  1. State Level Awards:
    Cash Award Amount Structure in form of cheques:

    • First Prize : 10,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)
    • Second Prize : 5,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)
    • Third Prize : 2,500/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)

  2. District Level Awards:
    OKCL will give the awards to 3 toppers per District in form of Coupons.

    • First Prize : 3,000/-
    • Second Prize : 2,000/-
    • Third Prize : 1,000/-

  3. Process for selecting the Awardees:
    • Minimum Eligibility Criteria for awards: A candidate should score minimum 50% marks to be eligible for the award.
    • Separate Merit list of eligible students will be generated.
    • Top 3 rankers from each district will be finalized on the basis of merit.
    • Exceptions: If there is more than 1 eligible student for concerned rank then OKCL will use the computerized random selection process to find out the prize winner.

  4. Disbursement process for award amount:
    • State Level Awards: OKCL will provide the cheque with beneficiary name as student’s name (mentioned at the time of application) so that he/she can deposit the same in his/her bank account.
    • District Level Awards: Coupons will be provided to the selected students which will be redeem At ALCs